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Signing the fairy tale of your wedding is the goal that I have always pursued with passion, professionalism and commitment. I believe in the uniqueness of each love story and I am committed to making your most beautiful day unique, because you are the main characters of a fairy tale that speaks of you.

I have worked for many years in this sector and I know how important it is to be able to rely on an expert person, who can interpret your wishes and plan an event that respects both your taste and your budget.

Wedding planner Umbria, Firenze, Roma, Foligno, Verusca Eventi
Wedding planner Umbria, Firenze, Roma, Foligno, Verusca Eventi
Wedding planner Umbria, Firenze, Roma, Foligno, Verusca Eventi

Tell me about your dream wedding, I’ll help you make it happen.

I love creating exclusive events and cared for in every detail. I personally follow every stage of the organization, from the conception to the planning, from the advice for the choice of suppliers to the realization of the event, verifying that everything is perfect even during the wedding day.

Choosing to rely on a wedding planner allows you to optimize the budget   the preparations of the wedding with the confidence that someone is taking care of everything and is responsible for making your day extraordinary.

I believe that time is one of the most precious gifts that life gives us, so while I take care for you to organize the details of the event, you have the opportunity to dedicate yourself to what you like and arrive relaxed and serene at your wedding.

Wedding planner Umbria, Firenze, Roma, Foligno, Verusca Eventi
Wedding planner Umbria, Firenze, Roma, Foligno, Verusca Eventi

Wedding planning

I like to discovering your stories and talk to you about what you desire. This is why I always organize a meeting with couples where I collect all the useful information to get to know you, understand your requests and how you want your wedding to be.

I then process the business plan and optimise your budget, and then select suppliers according to your needs.

Finally, I draw up the timeline of the event and I take care of the coordination of suppliers during the day.


Based on your tastes and desires, I define the style of the wedding, the color palette and the creative mood of the event, realizing the graphic design and the study of materials.

I study and plan the mise en place, the floral setting and the installations for both the religious and the civil rite and for the reception.

I take care of the coordinated graphic designof participations, booklets for the church, tableaux, confetti, rice, menus, placeholders, favors and gadgets.

I organize and realize various thematic angles during the event, such as the one for the confetti or the open bar. 


Coordination and supervision of all the suppliers chosen for the event and creative direction of the installations.

During the wedding I will be present with my qualified staff to welcome your guests and to manage all the various stages of the wedding.

I work with passion, listening to your requests and satisfying your desires in order to be able to amaze and excite you.

Experience and professionalism at your service for the choice of perfect location for each event. Historic houses, ancient villas, ancient castles or places you never thought could host an event and even your own home. Every event needs the right frame, and I’m here to help you find it.

I can take care of the menù selection for your event, with catering of professionals who will manage every request, from the most sought-after menus to those specific for food intolerances, taking care of every detail to satisfy your tastes and combine them with the elegance of the mise en place best suited to your event.

Services for your wedding day

Relax, I’ll take care of the marriage. From location-search consulting to selecting suppliers for flowers, video or entertainment, here is a list of the services I can offer:

  • Research of location suitable for your party
  • Budget analysis to optimize costs
  • Event design
  • Wedding stationery
  • Consulting and suppliers management
  • Catering & banqueting
  • Floral arrangement
  • Furniture rental
  • Cadeaux for your guests
  • Entertainment and special effects
  • Themed surprises
  • Guest travel management
  • Accommodation management for the guests
  • Cake design
  • Sweet table & confettata
  • Coordination and supervision on the wedding day

Other services

Wedding planner Umbria, Firenze, Roma, Foligno, Verusca Eventi

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